handmade leather moccasins

My husband is a cobbler. See? He made me shoes.

The soft leather perfectly envelopes my feet, and they feel somewhere between a sock and a slipper. I feel like a hunter, with silent tread. I am someone who braves the woods and lives high in trees, somewhere between Robin Hood and Peter Pan. Except I'm a girl. Ok, fine. I'm Katniss. I admit it. These shoes magically transform me into Katniss. 

After my husband cut up a leather skirt that we thrifted for $1 and made me these moccasins, he had me try them on. I'm walking around, remarking about how light they are and how light they make me feel when Matthew tells me I'm sexy. Sexy. Yes, first he makes me shoes that fit me like a glove, and then while I'm feeling all skip silently through the woods unnoticed, he's calling me sexy. I am one lucky woman. :)

Excuse the macbook photos. I took a bunch of pictures outside in the strip of grass between our apartment buildings but my computer is having trouble accepting that they are a readable format. Sigh. So, you'll have to settle for some lame inside pictures and my awkward declarations of love for my surprisingly talented cobbler.

I have the best life ever. :)


  1. oh my gosh, i can't believe that he made you those shoes! how amazing is that!?!?!
    xo TJ


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