wooden pant hangers

Wanna know a secret? Thrift finds make me giddy.

Last night, Matthew and I were out and we decided to stop into a thrift store that's out of our normal radius. As we dug around searching for treasures, I stumbled across some wooden pant hangers holding blankets in the linen section. For months now, I've been looking for wooden pant holders to use for prints.



I knew they weren't technically for sale but that wasn't enough to stop me. I put on my best smile and headed to the counter. 

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I can't sell you those; they aren't for sale. We reuse them, so I can't sell them to you. Sorry."

To be honest, there was a knot in my stomach. I wanted to talk her into letting me take them, but I didn't want to be a brat either. When Matthew heard my story, he quickly transformed into a knight in shining armor.

When we went up to checkout {Matthew picked up some books} he tried his luck.

"What if we bring you five pant hangers? Will you let her buy those three? That way your store gains pant hangers, which is what you need them for."
"Oh, sweetie."

She was softening. I piped in {in the sweetest voice I could muster}.

"But you don't want them for their aesthetics, right?"

That did it. :)

"No, you're right. We don't. Go grab 'em and I'll sell them to you for fifty cents a piece."

I offered her five dollars {what I had planned to give her} but she said she didn't want to overcharge me. The cheapest set of three on etsy right now is $15.00. I got them for 90% off, baby! :)

 So, here's the most exciting thing that I've found in awhile, hanging on my living room wall. We bought a picture album of paintings from the 70s for $2 at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago, and this print is one of the goodies it contained {but I'm on the lookout for something bigger}.

How about you? Have you ever talked a thrift store out of something they weren't selling? Have you ever contained your giggles until you got to the parking lot? Have you ever skipped like a school girl over a couple of cheap hangers? :)
P.S. We're totally painting the living room white next week and I can not wait! 


  1. I love that idea to hang prints! I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration :)


    1. I wish it had been original to me, but I'm always thrilled to be inspiring. :)

  2. J.S. Hanger Graceful Pants Hangers from Bizarkdeal

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    NOTE: I received this product at a discount for sharing my unbiased experience.


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