spring cleaning & some more thrifting

Every once and a while I want to move everything out of our apartment so we can decided what we are in love with and move it back in. Just today, my husband and I went through our bookshelves and found 15 books that we didn't need to keep and at least 10 more that we need to read/ re-read before we decide if they too get the boot.

Here's what I'm saying: I've got the spring cleaning bug, for sure. Even things that we use {like our very traditional looking lampshades} are no longer safe. Out with the home decor that is not us... and in with... what we can currently afford to replace. :)

Have I told you guys that I've changed my mindset about our apartment some? I used to think, "Well, we'll only be here for another year or so, no need to paint the walls or anything."

But the more I think about it, the more I've realized, "But, we'll be here for another year or so!"

So I'm giving everything we won't keep {for at least a few years} to the thrift store and starting from "scratch". And we're really going to start on all the "big" projects we've been putting off. It'll certainly be easier in three weeks when school is out. Here are some of the big projects we want to work on.

  • Refinish the hope chest {after deciding what we think its long term job will be}
  • Paint the dressers and change the hardware {unless we can find a set with better lines for cheap}
  • Paint the small bookshelf and add feet. 
  • Possibly paint the big bookshelf {check for inspiration photos}
  • Refinish the {rectangular} dining room table.
  • Re-paint the {circular} dining room table.
  • DIY a tufted headboard.
  • Change the one chunky ledge in the kitchen to several thinner shelves.
There are also many smaller projects that come immediately to mind, but it's the big ones I wanted to brainstorm. The other side of getting rid of everything we don't use, is getting things that we really will use. Gorgeous pyrex mixing bowls, for example. :)

I can't be sure what makes your heart smile, but pyrex does it for mine. They only made it in gorgeous colors, and anytime I can get my hands on two pieces of it for less than $10, I jump. Yesterday, someone who heard I like to thrift gave me a 20% off coupon to the local chain of thrifts. Honestly, I don't even normally go to the bigger chains, but with a coupon like that, I had the perfect excuse. How serendipitous that these lovely bowls would be waiting for me. :)

Sometime this week I'll be giving an updated house tour {it's been four months!!} so you can see the big picture of what we'll be working on. Thanks for hanging with us as we donate the unnecessary and purchase the gorgeous! :)


  1. Bigger projects are more important, so it’s better to begin with it while the spring cleaning bug lasts. I hope you managed to cross off every task in your list. Anyway, how about this year? Have you thought about the possible spring cleaning projects you want to work on? Have a nice day!

    Blanca Douglas @ Safeclean by Guardsman

    1. Wow, this seems like forever ago. Since we've moved into our new home, and we're remodeling our kitchen and bathroom, just finishing those, so I have a finished house to clean sounds lovely!

      But high on my list of things to sort through are our closets. Things seem to sneak their way in there.


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