thrifty thursday: educational toys

Have I told you lately that I spend all of my spare time daydreaming about blonde haired children running with chubby, little piggy toes over hard wood floors? I do.

As of right now, we are still greatly lacking in both hardwood and piggy toe departments. But I'll be ready when we get there. Here are some of my inspiration photos so that you can see where we're heading.



Yes, I do need to paint every wall in my entire house {well, apartment for now} white. It makes the entire wall a blank canvas for something spectacular. Mmmmm.... delicious. :) 

This week, I spent $2.50 total on my sturdy, little children's toys. So for six things, that's less than .50 a piece. Score. 

I'm currently finishing up my third year in college {studying elementary education... which you knew, right?} so I always have teaching on the brain. Thus, my first three finds {well, all of them honestly}.

This little math game caught my eye. You push down the math problem and get the solution, which I love. But I also love that there are patterns to be found. If you work the problems diagonally you'll find patterns. I can't wait for when their little minds discover patterns and we get to discuss why it works that way in math. :) "Why?" is my favorite question that children ask. It helps to remind me that they are constantly learning. 

This Melissa & Doug {my favorite brand of modern toys} board is a magnet board and a dry/wet erase board. I'd take any Melissa & Doug toy home for $0.50. 

When I saw this sweet little chalkboard, my mind wandered to a more simple time of innocence and cursive letters. I'd like to find more of these in the future.

The last three finds are books. Two of them are books that I hope our children enjoy as much as I did when I was young, and one is a book to help us name said children. Even though we already have ten or so first and middle names picked out; Who knows how many we'll need? :) Haha, it can't hurt to be prepared anyway.

Well, thanks for stopping in and not making fun of me for still enjoying "Danny and the Dinosaur." As always, I hope you have a very thrifty thursday!


  1. Ahh! I used to love that math game as a kid! They had it at the private school I went to. :) Thanks for helping me remember some great times...

    1. Haha, no problem. :) I hope my kids enjoy it too!

  2. I remember how much you liked Clara and the Bookwagon..although it seems our copy has a red price from the thrift store written across the top ;). For what it's worth I didn't get pregnant till I was 23. It was right about my 23rd birthday as by Father's Day I was able to tell Dad for sure. So maybe that will be a pattern you are very close to. THe only thing I think about was how very sick I was with you and how hard that would have been to student teach while being sick. No matter what it is going to be wonderful!


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