thrifty thursday: reading lamp

Springtime brings change, and the birds introduce it with their cheery voices. The mixture of cool breeze and sunlight stirs something in my soul and invites me to begin again in a way that even the New Year misses.

I adore change. It's an opportunity to throw off the weights you cling to and move with freedom. We've been getting rid of things like crazy. It actually surprises me what things have entirely lost their importance. But, I'll get to more of that tomorrow.

Matthew and I both enjoy reading. We also have the same taste in writing and have been reading through books together. As the paint dries, I read to him. As dinner simmers, he reads to me. At night, we take turns reading to each other in our comfy bed.

Do you see it?

We used to have just a reading lamp {on my side of the bed} and it was a dull light that didn't particularly  promote diving into the written word. In the thrift store down the street, we stumbled across the long neck reading lamp and brought it home for $8.00.

My favorite part about the lamp is that I can picture it in so many different rooms. Right now, it's perfect for reading in bed, but in the future it could be in the living room or a kid's room with no trouble at all. I had thought about painting the lamp brassy or gold, but I've decided to let it be until more things in this room are permanent. Eventually we want to diy a tufted headboard and we'll have to see what color we settle on and move from there. It could be a year before we make that decision, so I'm enjoying its beautiful crispness for now. 

If you want something to be the focal point of the room, it shouldn't be white, but white is the perfect background color. Perfect on walls, for example. :)

I really think it makes rooms look so much more cheery. The change makes me want to step close and examine the beautiful things on our shelves. Nothing's on the walls yet, but I'm enjoying sorting through things and being picky about what makes the cut. You'll get to see it all tomorrow. :)

As always, I hope you have a very thrifty thursday!

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  1. Your bed looks lovely, I really like the duvet cover and cushion. I think the lamp works well in white in that room. Maybe if you move it you can change it. xox


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