new bath room rug

When we first moved in, the bathroom floors {lovely tile linoleum} were very exposed. It was making the floor a little too white {?} and lacking the ever important textile that every room needs. So, early in our marriage I purchased a cheap set of two rugs. Here's the question of the day: Is something always better than nothing? Debatable, but I'm gonna go with 'no'. Here are the {boring} green rugs that I used to fill the floor space.

I think this is the first time you've seen a full shot of our bathroom. Should've done some sort of drum roll leading up to the huge reveal. Just kidding. Bathrooms are always mostly boring.

During the bathroom's weekly clean, I take the rugs outside and beat them against the wooden beams on our front porch. They weren't made to take a beating, and started to shed nasty little green fuzzies all over. No one wants green fuzzies on wet, naked feet. Ick.

As is my habit, yesterday I was at my favorite thrift store. We have finished most of our spring cleaning and brought in six bags of unnecessary goodies to donate. So much donation = everything in the store for $.40. Score. Matthew and I dug around {it amazes me how there is so much new stuff every time I go in} and found a rag rug made from the most beautiful array of colors. Wanna see our $.40 upgrade?

After a little dip in the tub, in which I used an entire load of laundry worth of detergent to make this pretty little thing smell like apples, it was as good as new and much better looking than it's more expensive predecessors. :)

We also picked up a couple of other things... {At $.40 a pop, we were pretty thorough in our searching}. 

These are actually Grandma pajama dresses, but I bought them like they were a couple of yards of fabric because I love the prints. I'm not sure what they will be when I'm finished with them {I've been in a weird quilting mood lately, but no promises there}.

Dude, have you ever tried to write legibly on an etch-a-sketch? It's pretty hard, not gonna lie. :) Anyways, for $.40 we brought it home to practice.

The last two are books that I loved the illustrations in. One of which also contains a classic story.

Little House on the Prairie and Battles of the Frigate Constitution. I checked Amazon. Even though the latter was published in '66, it isn't worth a fortune yet. Oh, well.

So there you have it. Our bitty little bathroom is looking softer and much more cheery and our bookshelves {which look bare after their spring cleaning} are at least improving. 

Speaking of improvements, the living room is cleared out and ready for a fresh coat of white paint. Mmm. I love clean slates.


  1. I've actually got a grandma night gown in that green print just like that and i wear them to bed all the time! ;)

    1. Well, then you have great taste! ;) Someday I'll probably be in that "I have kids so I have to wear something decent to bed" stage. Maybe I should save them until then. :)

    2. Go to the library and get the book. One Yard Wonders. There is a pattern in there you can trace and make those granny jammas into 20 something nightie. Easy pattern too. I made one out of knit (jersey is the best) fabric which I LOVE to work with. Not too keen on slippery stuff yet. Although I did see somewhere that if you put some tissue paper on the back side than the sewing machine will grip it better. I haven't tried it so let me know if it really works.


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