updated house tour: apartment eight

Can you believe it had been four months since I've shown you around? I admit, not too much has changed, but enough to make me giddy when looking at the comparison. If you want to see the comparison you can look at the "house tour" tab {now located on the right side of my blog}. 

But, without further ado, here's the tour. :)

Welcome to apartment number eight. You are now standing in our living room, looking down through our entire house. Living room, kitchen, dining room and then bedroom. Come on in! 

That wing back is new since the last time you were here. I grabbed it for $25 at a thrift store in Nashville. Also that calendar above the wing back is new {and definitely one I want every year}.

Take a quick glance to your right as you walk in. We moved the diy heart art over there and I think it helps balance the green carpet on the other side. 

As you turn to your left you'll see the area where we would mostly likely entertain you. Go ahead, pick a seat. :)

Just kidding, don't sit down. I have more house to show you. Let's head through the door way behind the wing back to the kitchen.

Yes, those are clean dishes that need to be put away. What do you know? It's like real life up in here. 

On the right hand wall, there's a chunky, cluttered with pyrex goodness shelf that will someday be transformed into three skinny, uncluttered {but still covered in pyrex goodness} shelves. We're in wait mode for that... oh, and this room needs a coat of white paint too. The door you can almost see there is the pantry/coat closet. I think sometime next month I'll give you a tour through all the cabinets and closets, just so you can see how awesome our organizational skills are {mostly kidding}.

If you turn back toward the living room, you see this wall.

Nothing exciting, but it's only fair to show you the whole house {including our scrumptious generic frosted flakes}.

On to the dining room!

You've seen all of this before {in fragmented pieces}, but it's nice to get it all in the same place. We painted this room white, put the maps up, got new art, and moved things around. Wanna come over for dinner? I make really good pasta. :)

From where you were standing in the dining room you can turn around to get this view of the "hallway".

Left to the bathroom, right to the linen closet. I put our song lyrics on that painting, and used the same idea to add a chevron detail to that globe.

Here's most of our bedroom. The largest change in here is the huge blank wall to the left.

This room also needs a couple coats of white paint. I already have my plan for that wall, but everything takes time and money. :) We'll get there eventually.

Well, that's the house tour. You may now head back through the house. Here's your view as you reenter the living room on the way out.

The white walls really improve this room for me. :) And all the treasures on the bookshelf. I wish you had time to really look around. :)

 Well, that's our home. Thanks for taking the tour with us. :)

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