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This past weekend was our spring break, and though Matthew and I stayed put in Knoxville, my brother Chris went back to Virginia Beach{a.k.a. home}. When he returned to college he came bearing many gifts. He brought back a bunch of things that I look forward to showing you, but I decided to start out with my version of outdoor art.

Enter Matthew's old dart board. When Matt mentioned that he was going to have Chris pick it up at home, I was all about hanging it up on our big, blank front porch wall.

But, that raw wood look wasn't working for me. It works for me some places {like our pallet shelves} but not so much here. I checked my paint stash. Dark purple, yellow, turquoise, white, gray, and black. For some reason, of all of those, black was the one standing out to me. Three times lately I've heard black mentioned. Once, by an old friend who was talking about painting whole walls black. Another time, I was told to only put black in places with tons of natural light. The last time, I was told that there should be some black in every space for your eyes to rest on.

So, it isn't a whole wall but it does have tons of natural light {it is outside after all}, and there is now a place for you to rest your eyes. So, as a step out of my {normally not black} box, I'm purdy excited. Rest little eyes, rest!

But, I decided not to stop there. I gave the edge a little life. So, in the end I didn't step tooo far out of my box. Yellow, after all, is in my box.

Anyone up for some darts? We're totally game. 

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