it doesn't just rock...

It also swivels! Those were the two things my husband really wanted out of the chair that would become "his chair". You know, the one he will read our children endless hours of stories in.

One of our favorite Knoxville stores is a vintage market called "Nostalgia" {website here}. We've picked up a couple small things there in the past, but this time it was a chair that caught our eye. The dark blue color made me come closer and the tufted back made me stay. I removed the things they had placed in it, and Matthew sat down. We both liked it. It was comfy, vintage {68}, beautiful, and it didn't just rock, it swiveled. Price tag- $79. 

That's too much for this cheap thrifty couple. We moved on. When we finished our rounds in the market, I stopped to recap. "Was there anything we really liked when we went through?" I put pricey things like $80 chairs out of my mind, but Matthew replied, "Well, there was that chair." Ah, yes. That chair. We both agreed it was too much, and we left. 

On Saturday, while Matthew was at work, I {with help of my brother Chris and his jeep} went to Nostalgia and bought my Matthew a rocking/swivel chair for Valentine's Day. It felt so nice to do something so big for someone else, and feel no hint of "man, that's alot of money" even though I know it is. 

Oh, that mirror in the background? I mentioned it in my estate sale post, when I said I didn't think I could justify spending $50 on a mirror {even if it was huge}. Well, I asked if they would take $40, and when they said they would, I brought it home.

Remember when I said "Gold does not belong in my living room." in this mirror post here? Yeah, I had no idea what I was talking about.

There's something about this layered look. It's making this corner of our living room look particularly homey. It's making me think thoughts like "gahthiscouldbewhatourhomelookslikeforever!" Yes, I do think that fast. :)

All in all, I spent my paycheck this week on a chair for my Matthew and a mirror for our house. I have no remorse over money spent. They were both great deals and now our living room looks that much better! :) Here's Matthew enjoying his chair.

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