diy spring wreath

In December our door had a green leafy wreath {pictured on this post}, but even though there was nothing Christmas specific about it, we agreed it was a little too Christmasy to leave it up all year round. At least for us. So, in celebration of the spring weather we had this weekend {a beautiful day followed by a freezing cold down pour} I made a wreath to brighten things up. Wanna see it?

Good. :) Cause I'm gonna show you regardless.

Happy, huh? :) 

I started with this pile of crafty stuff {all from Hobby Lobby}, 

and began wrapping the wreath in the yellow yarn. This step took about 45 minutes, but I wanted the end product to be smooth, so I took my time.

Next, I had to work on my petals. I've seen different felt flower tutorials on pinterest, but I didn't want roses, so I made my own flowers. I started with cut outs in the shape of a home plate {or a check on a soccer ball, which ever sport you relate to better}.

Then I folded the two bottom corners into the middle to make diamond {or petal} shapes.

Here's how two of the petals fit together.

And round and round it goes. First white...

Then gray...

Then charcoal. 

I never worried about the petal sizes, and instead let them fit however they fit. As long as it's happy it doesn't have to be "perfect". 

Lastly, I pulled out my button jar and found some old couch buttons to add to the center of my flowers. It's just the finishing touch. :)

And here she is again on the door.

She's helping make people feel welcome to knock, enter, and stay awhile. I hope pretty soon the weather will begin reflecting her sunshine. 

Enjoy the rest your weekend! I'll be back again tomorrow with a birthday post, but in the meantime, how about you? Have you started your spring cleaning? Do you have a happy spring wreath? Or maybe you should put it on your to-do list.

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