22 years old

The day greeted me with typical, dreary February skies and a loving husband who doesn't yank the covers back that I've stolen in the night. Today is the first day that I've ever gone to school on my birthday {homeschooled bonus + it's been on a weekend every year since college started}. The very first one. I am perfectly aware that most people have always gone to school on their birthday and have no sympathy for me, but it's still a pretty big deal. :)

I got dressed for my 7:30 class, noticing some midnight happy birthday wishes on my iphone.

22 is that age. That age I thought was immensely old when I was growing up. That age when I expected I  would graduate from college. You know... High school ends at 18, and 4 years later you're 22.

I'm not graduating this year. It was my decision. Most of you know that I went to Pensacola for part of a semester. When I came home, {read- got kicked out} the Lord really used that time in my life to draw me close to Himself and to reintroduce me to Matthew Gabriel Nowak, that same man who doesn't yank the covers back. 

So here I am, with a year lost in Pensacola, a 22 year old Junior.

But... on the flip side, I always imagined I would get married at that age. 22. Like my mother. And my Grandmother. It was just "in the cards", right after graduation..... or so I thought. 

If I had to chose between marriage or graduation... I would certainly rather have marriage early. So, in the end, it's best the way that God planned it. Ha, I shouldn't be so surprised.

So today, instead of student teaching as my last semester wraps itself up, I come home to the most handsome husband in the world, who works two jobs so we can put some money in the bank. I am over-abundantly blessed, and so aware of the life I have been handed that I do not deserve. Married at 21 and graduating at 23. It turns out, 22 isn't so much "that age". :) 

Here's to a fun filled year of loving on my husband and enjoying this small stage of life in Tennessee! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

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  1. YOu are looking great darling! I love you!


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