little wooden family members

Have you been to etsy?

You have my permission to go there and buy me everything you find. Just kidding {sorta}. But today I got a package that I've been looking forward to since I decided that I would buy it for myself if I didn't get it for Christmas. I'd like to introduce you to my 60 wooden peg people.

{yes, my license plates used to say "no charge" and you may watch the introduction to Kung Fu Panda
 to find out why}

Gah! Look at them! All cute and little and unpainted. Don't they just beg you to create something awesome with them? No? Just me? Ok. 

I want to make them princesses, knights, superheroes, and normal people. I'm seriously so excited to give each one a different personality and imagine which ones my kids will fight over the most. No, this is not a 60 different characters reveal. I just got the package today. However, I have tackled one major tiny step toward making them all different people... I have painted their heads the perfect mixture of white, brown, and red.

Am I the only one who is massively excited about the potential that these people hold? Think with me. I'm seeing a tropical hawaiian wrap on that chick, and a pearl necklace on that woman. That little boy will wear a soccer uniform, while that one sports a tiny tuxedo. There will definitely be a couple modeled after Matthew and I. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish they had come before the week that classes start, but that didn't take any of the excitement away. It's like Christmas all over again!

K, now be honest... who would you make?

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  1. one that looks like the members in your family and in matt's family.... maybe???? maybe you would not want them "looking" at you all day long. lol.
    you have some good ideas there too. :)
    have fun being creative!!!! i know you will. :)


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