160.3 pounds

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I started this weight loss thing. I also can't believe I have barely lost 10 pounds. In my defense, we did have Christmas thrown in there, but still I hope this next month goes better. 

I've noticed that when I "work out" (10 down, but with 110 sit ups + 400 jumping jacks) I lose .2  in a couple of days. Slow, slow, and more slow. But when I go on a three mile walk, the scale rewards me with the loss of a pound. 

My conclusion, more walking and less jumping. I can think of 1,000 reasons to not go walking, and only 32 reasons to throw those reasons away. 32 pounds still to lose. Then I think of all the clothes that don't fit me right, and how good I feel when I'm being healthy. Everything starts to even out.

 As far as healthy life style changes for the past month, here they go:
  • Working out at least every weekday 
  • Making no exception to snacking 
  • Never getting seconds 
  • Eating smaller portions  
  •  Drinking lots of water

This weight loss blog thing is funny. It does keep me accountable (which is why I started it), but it also has drawn the most attention of any blog post I have written. The first day I had a couple hundred hits. Here's a tip to the blogging world. If you want people to read what you write, start your post with an abnormally large weight. It works. ;) 

Back to real life though. I still weigh 160 pounds. Hopefully by my birthday {at the end of February} I'll be so close to my goal weight I'll be able to wear some long forgotten clothes.



Here's to getting smaller and smaller.


  1. tip:
    drink about 8 ounces of water 15 minutes BEFORE you eat.
    then do NOT drink anything for 1 1/2 to 2 hours AFTER you eat.
    The food will stay in your stomach longer and you will not be as hungry.
    Protein at every meal. Include ONE snack (a healthy one).
    Make sure you are eating every 4-5 hours. No longer than 5 hours without eating.

    Hope this helps. I have other tips. But these are good for now.

  2. Drinking only water is REALLY good for you. It kinda sounds funny, but drinking more water keeps water weight off. Also, by only drinking water, you cut out a lot of other calories you don't even notice that you are taking in when you have soda, sweet tea, or juice. I started getting in the habit of drinking more water last year and I can't imagine how I lived life without it! Try 8 glasses a day!


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