chip off the ol' block

As I reread the title, it occurred to me that this might {again} look like a pregnancy announcement. It's not. I stink at secret keeping and I promise when we are pregnant, you will know.

This post is related to that beautiful holiday that we just finished {and yes, I do resent Food City for having Valentine's Day decorations out the same week as Christmas}. 

We've started another tradition! Christmas tree stump ornaments. Since we climbed a mountain to get our tree, it didn't need a "fresh cut" before we took it home. However, once we took down the tree {sniff sniff}, I had Matthew saw off the tip of the trunk. He then drilled a teeny hole, and I grabbed my {every color imaginable} assortment of fine point sharpies to make our personalized chip off the ol' block.

Aw. It's the most adorable, tiny little ornament in the whole world. It's a little over an inch in diameter, and even though I plan on doing this every single year forever, I already know it'll be my favorite. After all, it is our first Christmas.

The hardest part {by far} of the project was getting the yarn through the smallest hole ever drilled. What can I say? I'm super woman. I kept it simple with this one. That's one of my goals this year; I want to keep things classy and simple.

 Have I mentioned that I love traditions? 

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  1. LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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