oh, christmas tree

It's our first Christmas really together. This is the year to start our traditions. Here are some things we've done this month that may or may not become traditions.

1. Climb a mountain and saw down our own Christmas tree.

It's a little sparse, but it couldn't be more adorable. Judging by the rings on the bottom, this little guy has been living on the mountain for eight years, watching the traffic below and hoping someone would fall in love with him. We love you, little guy.

2. Make our own tree topper.

A cardboard "N", some green yarn, and some broken headband bling. A $4 personalized tree topper. I don't know if we'll make a new one every year, or keep this one for awhile. Who knows? Maybe eventually we'll go all traditional and settle for an angel or a star.

3. Not buy nearly enough lights on the first try.

This tree is a grand total of six sparse feet, and we bought twenty-one feet of white lights to don him. Yeah, not even close to enough. Oh, and target, walmart, lowes, and walgreens are sold out of normal white lights. Bleh. Hobby Lobby will save the day tomorrow.

4. Agree on the ornaments we needed.

Hopefully every year as we add to our collection, we will agree, but this year was especially important. This year, we bought a glass pickle. My Grandma always had a pickle ornament that she hid in the tree (normally buried), and the first kid/grandkid to find it "won". We didn't win anything, but it was still amazing fun. To continue the tradition, Matthew and I picked one up. Matthew was actually the one who remembered. Does anyone else's family do this?

5. Buy a tree stand for $1.

I just love how round, white, glittery, and not in need of a tree skirt it is. Matthew grabbed it at the thrift store across the street. Score. We will not be making this one a tradition since we now have a tree stand, but it was still worth telling ya'll.

I'm sorry we have no finished product to show you. All of Powell appears to have run out of white lights. Hopefully, I'll be back for the sequel tomorrow. I'll leave you with one of the "ornaments" our tree came with. He's just so cute.

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