our new date list

1. Go on a search for as many large climbing trees as you can find. Climb as high as you can in all of them and make photo evidence of said adventure.

2. Go to a major chain bookstore and leave notes in your favorite books for future readers.

3. Create photo evidence of an adventure that you didn't really have.

4. Build forts out of furniture and blankets and wage war with paper airplanes.

5. Go to the airport and purchase tickets for the soonest cheapest flight. Stay there for the weekend.

6. Write a short story together at your favorite coffee shop. Ask strangers to name your characters. 

7. Do a lame tourist thing together. Be not ashamed of it!

8. In the middle of the night, drive to the beach. Bring a picnic breakfast. Watch the sunrise.

9. Give a fake name at a restaurant. Giggle to yourselves.

10. Go around your city with sidewalk chalk. Be random. Make your marks.

11. With a camera and a pair of rainboots make a journal of a day in the life of an invisible man/woman.

12. Rent a movie you've never seen. Watch it on mute and insert your own dialogue.

We are going to do these things. And I will let you know as we get them done. :) 

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