orange and yellow

I adore fall. I won't give you every reason but I'll name a few.

  • Cardigans are my kind of warm.
  • I miss the smoke from chimneys all summer long.
  • We get to leave the windows open at night.
  • It's almost Christmas.
  • The colors are breath-taking.
Today I had to go grocery shopping. It was mostly for the normal things: bread, butter, milk, chicken, and oatmeal. But today was a little bit abnormal. Today I brought home a pumpkin. Have I told you guys that I hate orange? I hate it. Tennessee is plastered with it. They have entire aisles in wal*mart that are only orange, and everyone has a couple orange hoodies to wear every week. I always thought it was too... neon. It wasn't happy but it wasn't sultry. It was just orange. Lately, it's been growing on me. Only in splashes, but still it's progress.

I feel a little bit like we have a new family member. I keep looking out the peephole onto our front porch just to check on him. No one has taken him yet, but I wouldn't be surprised. He's a good looking pumpkin. 

A couple of weeks back we got some mums {well, i got them, and Matt laughed at my excitement}. They were super cheap and they seemed to be smiling at me. I forgot to show you at the time so I will show you now. 

They're smiling at the pumpkin from across the porch, laughing together, and telling each other stories. Every time I walk out my front door they softly remind me that it's my favorite time of year.

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