bathroom chandelier

On the way home from our honeymoon my husband drove us a couple of hours out of the way to show me what an IKEA looked like in person. My eyes got big and my words started running together. It was beautiful. The store was three stories high and every section was set up like different, functional rooms. It was like The Children's Museum back home, only catering to taller people. Matt was pleased that I was excited, but quickly set a price limit on the day's spending. In the end we only bought three things and stayed well under the limit.

1. A shaggy bright green carpet for our living room.
2. A glorious flowering globe pendant light for our dining room.
3. A glistening silver chandelier for the bathroom.

Maybe you are the exception to the rule, but every person who I've told we bought a chandelier for our bathroom has looked at my like I was growing a third eye on my forehead. I will end with my defense of this decision. 

Your bathroom is the first room you see when you wake up, and the last room you see before you go to sleep again. It is the beginning and end of your every day routine and it should be fabulous enough to make you smile. 

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