basil buds

Our Basil Buds
I love basil. You can ask my husband. I think basil makes chicken, pasta, fish, eggs and salad taste remarkably better. Last night we had kedgeree, which calls for everything but basil, and I put basil on it. Because I chose basil over a flower, for Easter my brother Chris bought me a basil plant. I expected it to flourish outside while I was back in Virginia for a month, but instead it quite literally shriveled up and died. Less than a week ago, my husband and I decided to try our hand at basil growing {inside}. The little green sprouts have barely poked through the surface and I'm already cheering them on. Before that, we had planted lettuce and {one of my husband's favorite flowering vines} morning glories. Here is their two week progress.
Morning Glories

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