downtown knoxville

After a riverside walk last night, we settled on the pier beside an assortment of overly friendly birds. While we tossed them cracker bits, I leaned against my husband. My husband. :) I have all I've ever wanted. I understand that I am still a "newlywed", and at this point I should still be remarkably happy, but it's bigger than that. God has given abundantly. All of my daydreams have become my reality.

 When the horizon swallowed the sun, we listened to the live band playing at Calhoun's, and I found myself humming the tune of the Plain White T's song "Rhythm of Love".

"I love the view from up here, warm sun and wind in my ear. We'll watch the world from above as it turns to the rhythm of love."

Something about moving water and moonlight brings out the happiest in people. Remember to take in the little joys in life.


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