Knoxville Weekend Trip

When I started attending the private, Christian college in Knoxville, my first order of business was GET A JOB. God placed an opportunity in my lap during class registration, and I interviewed for a babysitting position that first week in Tennessee. Soon I was spending my afternoons watching a one-year-old girl who didn't like to eat but loved to dance.

Over the next four years, a sister and a brother joined the family, and I spent hours playing with those lovely babes. Working for the Thorntons allowed me to graduate with my four year degree debt free. I can't tell you how many times other students told me how lucky I was to have that job. Without a doubt, God gifted this family to me. We've seen them a couple of different times since we moved back home to Virginia after graduation, but this was their first time meeting Charlotte. Watching those babies love on my baby was the most beautiful thing. I love watching kindness in action, and I'm thankful for the continued relationship our families get to enjoy.

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