A Tiny Announcement

It was a warm day near the end of July, when the line showed faintly. Dada came home with hands full of sunflowers, even before he knew, and we started whispering baby names out loud together again and wondering who you will grow to be.

For seven weeks now, I've been growing a new baby Nowak, and even though he's (she's) only the size of a blueberry, he's making big waves. My energy levels are low, my potato chip cravings are high, and at the end of the day, when I curl up under the covers, I feel like it was leg day at the gym. 

I've been staying on plan, which helps a bunch, and I haven't had the same itchy legs as accompanied my first two pregnancies. My starting weight is 128. I'm excited to watch this pregnancy take shape and compare it to my first two, unhealthy, pregnancies. 

We haven't had our first ultrasound, but my unofficial due date is March 19th. Charlotte talks about "tummy baby" at the sweetest times, so first official nickname! We're excited to get to know you, tummy baby!


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