Agnes & Dora by Mandie

For years I hated to go clothes shopping. Just the idea of thumbing through numbers and letters on hangers that seemed much too big to be necessary for me, made me feel ill, and the feeling was magnified when those already gigantic numbers wouldn't close around my waist or pull over my chest. There are moments, important days, like my salutatorian speech when I graduated from college and my brother's wedding, where I was all made up, but uncomfortable with the way I felt in my own skin.

Christ has redeemed by soul from sin, and I am seen through God the Father's eyes as accepted in His Beloved. The thickness of my arms and the way my mass relates to gravity, have nothing to do with how loved I am by the God who thought to put pigment inside of seashells and on kitten's tongues.

But, there is a freedom in taking the gift of food that He has given us: all of those tastes and colors and textures, and using them to fuel our bodies so that we may use our hands and feet better to love others longer and well.

I went dress shopping recently at Agnes & Dora by Mandie, and instead of feeling deflated as I tried on each dress, limited to the one or two that fit ok, I felt this newfound freedom. All of the dresses fit. All of the styles flattered.

Trim Healthy Mama is such a gift for the women and families who are willing to submit themselves to the plan and learn something about the fuels God created to run our bodies.

Ultimately, I chose this Angelou Dress (mine is anemone nights in black) because Virginia Beach summers are hot, and I love how beautiful, comfortable, and modest it is, but Austen's (longer dresses with sleeves) make me feel like a princess, and the Oakley's are suprisingly light weight and perfect for summer.

If you're in the market for a beautiful, modest dress (with pockets!) Agnes & Dora by Mandie is the place to go! (Just so we're clear, my name is Amanda, but I am not the Mandie who is the Agnes & Dora rep. These dresses are just amazing, so I'm recommending you get yourself one.)

On Trim Healthy Mama, my husband and I have lost over 100 pounds (76 of those were mine), and we are maintaining together at goal weight. I'm so thankful for the freedom in eating this way. Trim Healthy Mama for life.

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