2009 Dodge Journey

Since we got married, Matt has been driving a 1996 BMW I bought in college, and I have been driving a 2002 Honda Accord we bought with wedding cash. Those two cars have been golden these past six years.

We had plans to buy a Toyota Tacoma next spring for Matt's (future) window cleaning business, as well as eventual plans to buy a Honda Odyssey when we have enough babies for me to need the extra room. In the mean time, though, we were hoping our 1996 and 2002 had a few more years in them.

When Matt's clutch went out on the BMW a couple of weeks ago, we began an early search for a Toyota Tacoma, but we have specific requirements and a finite amount of cash to spend, so truck after truck have fallen short of what Matt is looking for in his business truck. In the mean time, my Honda Accord broke down, and we spent a couple of days as a zero car family (which was a little crazy, even with all of the love from family and friends). As God blesses our family, we've set some money aside, so we paid for my Honda repairs and were back to the search for a truck.

One of our friends was selling their 2009 Dodge Journey for $1,000.00, and (even with the transmission work we're doing on it) it comes in way under resale value. We're not sure if we're only keeping this car until we find the perfect truck, or if we're going to fall in love with it in the meantime and make it a family forever car, but we're thankful to bring this beautiful car into our family for however long it stays around. Sometime later this week we should get it back from the shop, and I, for one, am excited at the thought of being back to a two car family.

Even through all of our car drama, and it has been a little dramatic, God has made Himself big and clear. When Cameron and I were stranded on the side of the road the other day, in the heat with Charlotte, the song "Still, my soul, be still" was on repeat in my heart. It's a tangible peace He gives.

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