Goal Weight

When I began my Trim Healthy Mama in January of 2016 weighing just over 200 pounds, I set my goal weight at 128 pounds. After thirteen months on plan, I'm excited to say that I've made it!!!!!

The sisters who started this plan, give all the glory for this way of eating to the God who created our bodies and also created the food we eat, and that's one of my favorite things about this plan. God made me. God gave us this beautiful gift in delicious food. He gave me the personality I have, and thirteen months into this plan, I have lost seventy-two pounds and feel FANTASTIC.

Give credit where it's due, and I could not have had this level of happiness (and maybe even success) on this plan doing it alone. My husband Matt has been on plan with me for nine months now, and he has lost thirty pounds and maintained at goal. My parents make an on plan meal for us every time we eat at their house, and my in-laws make on-plan meals for us every family night as well! There have been some beautiful, supportive ladies at church as well. It takes a village, right?

I feel like screaming, William Wallace style, "FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That's what this plan has given me: food freedom. I know what food does to my body. Some foods energize me, some foods satisfy me, and some foods make my blood sugar spike and my body feel like it has been run over.

This plan is doable. After the initial learning curve, it's easy. This plan works and works and works and works, and I and my husband are proof of that.

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I'm hopeful that in the future I can use my experience to help other women win with food freedom on Trim Healthy Mama!

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