Charlotte Pear : Six Months

Life is busy, as summer rhythm changes work schedules, but I wanted to type our Charlotte's six month post before it is time to type our her seven month post!

Charlotte at six months weighs sixteen pounds and is twenty-six inches long. She right about average for her height and weight, but her head is still in the eighty-seventh percentile. This week (at six months and one week), her first tooth broke through! It's the bottom, front, left (her left) tooth, for people keeping track at home.

She rolls to get things, angles herself to get to toys, and moves backwards sometimes, but not on purpose. She likes to be read to and sang to, and she loves to hold her toes. She's easy going, but doesn't like to be alone (I have to put the folded clothes away sometime!), and sleeps all night every night, on top of naps.

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