The Feather River

When Matt's family lived in Reno, they were thirty hours closer (by car) to Matt's Grandparents in Seattle than they usually were in Norfolk, Virginia. So twice in the year they lived in Reno, they trekked the twelve hours north to Washington State. Twelve hour road trips can be taxing, but Matt remembers the trips fondly, in part because of the Feather River.

The Feather River is a twisty, rushing river with a road running along side it, crossing over, and back over, through mountain tunnels, past many waterfalls, and below snow capped peaks. On our way back from San Fransisco to Reno, we went out of our way to ride along this road, and it made for a beautiful, relaxing afternoon. We stopped to picnic by a waterfall and give Charlotte time out of the car. I can't even explain to you how well behaved she was on this trip. We spent hours on the road, hours in planes, and hours wearing her in a carrier, and all the time she was as content as she could be.

When we do this road trip again in fifteen years, I think we'll do Lake Tahoe mostly, the Feather River slowly, and just pop into San Fransisco early on a Saturday for the bridge, Muir Beach, Lombard Street and the Farmer's Market on our way back to Tahoe.

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