Muir Beach: Pacific Ocean

One of the advantages of visiting the west coast when you're from the east coast, is that you're up and ready for the day three hours earlier than everyone else around. So, when people in San Fransisco started to mosey their way to the Pacific Ocean, we had already been enjoying it for hours and were ready to head back.

Our poor, beautiful baby. I wanted a picture of her toes in the Pacific for the first time (it was my first time too), which we got, but what isn't pictured is the wave that hit the rock a couple of feet to the left of Matt and soaked both our baby and her daddy. Fortunately, she's a chill, happy kid, so we stripped her down and covered her in a towel for a couple of hours while her clothes dried. I may have cried more than she did, you know, mommy hormones.

It was a beautiful way to spend a morning, slinging rocks into the ocean and picnicking on the gravelly sand. I'm thankful we made this stop, and I would recommend hitting this beach early to avoid the masses of people that arrived in the late morning.

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