Charlotte Pear: Five Months

 All the brightness on God's earth in one beautiful face. Her smiles make my insides ache with unadulterated, selfless love. She is beautiful and sweet, everything I need her to be.

Charlotte has tried oatmeal cereal twice, and, though she's a pro at slurping it down, we haven't started feeding her regularly because she's completely contented by large quantities of breast milk, and that's free. She rolls and sort of scoots to get to things she's interested in, reaches for/grabs objects that she wants, and has been occasionally taking a paci on top of her normal finger/thumb sucking. She coos during talking and singing and sometimes laughs. She likes to suck on her shirt/my nursing cover while sucking on her fingers, and drools up a storm with no teeth in sight.

This last month she went on her first plane ride, touched the Pacific Ocean (before the Alantic!!), turned on and off a light switch just by being interested in reaching for it, was obsessed with her Uncle's graduation balloons, and slept through the night every night. She has started having a fairly regular morning nap routine (11am-1pmish) and then naps again at least once before bed time. We're in love. Life long love.

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