When Matt had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted a hutch to put under our stairs. It may seem premature to some people, but I've always been the kind to think ahead, and I wanted a piece of furniture with some closed storage. The point of this storage eventually is to hold our homeschool materials. Our need for homeschooling materials is still four years away, but I know how time sneaks by, and in the meantime, we've gained a beautiful piece of furniture. Matt gave me a budget (he has an "Amanda fund" made of his tip money. Yes, he's amazing.),  and we found the piece (under budget) at one of our favorite Thrift stores. It was part of a set with a table and chairs, but Matt talked them into splitting it up (my hero). It was made to sit in that space. That was supposed to be all that I got for my birthday, but my husband and family made nonsense out of that.

Friday afternoon, Matthew handed me a gift bag. He had overheard a conversation I was having with a family member and bought us the first five seasons of Downton Abbey to watch as a couple. Having never seen a single episode and knowing nothing about the show other than that some of my family loves it, we've been pleasantly surprised by the characters and storyline. We do have a clearplay, which filters out any content we aren't interested in seeing, but some shows/movies aren't good even when you take out the questionable content. Downton Abbey is engaging. I'm currently in love with Anna and Bates and willing Mary and Matthew to end up together, as much as she doesn't deserve him. If you're farther in the series than we are, feel free to keep your mouth tightly closed.

The morning of my birthday, I sat in bed feeding our baby, while Matthew made me my requested (on plan) breakfast. He listens when I talk and had several gifts for me that I'd be planning to spend birthday money on including divine smelling hand-poured soaps.

Matt had scheduled a massage for me (my first!!), and it started off the day perfectly with a relaxed/pampered vibe. In case you're looking to get one, I went to Sleek Salon and Spa. Amazing.

Next, we went to the Chrysler Art Museum to look at their stunning new water exhibit. After a couple hours of Downton Abbey, we headed back out to dinner at Tupelo Honey Café, where I had a completely off plan sweet potato pancake covered in syrup, fried chicken, and butter and enjoyed every bit.

I know that I'm spoiled. I have a God who gives good gifts, a husband who chooses to love only me always, a baby who smiles when she sees me, and a family who prays beautiful things for us. Life is practically perfect in every way.

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