Charlotte Pear: week three

We spent week three back at home, sleeping in our own beds. We haven't spent much time at home alone, which has made the transition easier. Both of our families live nearby, and they've been quick to sneak in baby snuggles when they can, while Matt works long days making up for time taken off around the holidays. The days are mostly a blur, with the clearest victories, the three hour stretches of sleep in the late darkness. She did have a doctor's appointment, where, of course, her weight was their main concern. In the week and a half since we had seen the doctor, Charlotte gained a pound and a half on breastmilk. I'm thankful, you see, for a baby that grows. During week three, Charlotte outgrew some of her newborn pajamas, and though I want to see her reach every stage, I already miss the idea that she'll never again be as tiny as she is today.

We ended the week by climbing back into our honda with everything that fit her still (and a couple of bigger things) and driving back toward the Outer Banks for our annual New Year's Pearson family vacation. By the end of week four, Charlotte will have spent as much time in the beach house as she's spent anywhere else. She's a little adventurer.

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