thirty-three weeks

Last Wednesday at my doctor's appointment, they reiterated that Charlotte is measuring big and had me take (another) a one-hour glucose test. The results came back elevated enough that they're having me take the three hour test this week for late-onset gestational diabetes. If there's anything I don't like about doctors visits and pregnancy, it's the need for needle sticks and blood draws. I don't like to watch needles enter skin, and I have small/deep veins, so normally they have to stick me three or four times to hit what they're aiming to hit.

Last Friday at a court in Arizona, the father of the two boys we may get to foster/adopt let his parental rights go without a fight. Honestly, it makes me sad for the boys that he didn't fight for them, but we've been praying all along for God's will in their (and our) lives, and so we're trusting Him with every new development. The case now goes to adoption. The court has our adoption paperwork, and their current foster mom decided to file adoption paperwork for them on Friday (I'm sure she decided long before that, but we didn't know for sure until Friday). We have no timeline for the next step. They just said they'd be in touch.

Last night, halfway between thirty-three and thirty-four weeks, Matt and I (and Charlotte) went to the emergency room. I've never been before in my life, and it's not in my personality to cry wolf or make a big deal about something that isn't actually a big deal, but yesterday made itself the exception. Charlotte had been quiet all day. It wasn't that she wasn't moving at all, just that her movements were subdued and abnormally soft. When Christian was stillborn, it was after lack of movement, slowed movement, but we didn't go in right away because we didn't want to be "those parents" who worry about things that can't be controlled. Yesterday, we didn't feel comfortable about going to bed without checking on her, so a trip to the emergency room and some time listening to the beat, beat, beat of her little heart calmed our nerves.

This weekend, we have Charlotte's baby shower, and it feels like my birthday or something! It's an awesome feeling, knowing how many people love and support Matt and I as we begin again. I can't wait to put all of her little bits and bobs into their spots. It seems like the last step before we actually get to hold her.

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