Charlotte Pear: Thirty-two weeks

A mommy-friend from church recommended that we go get a 3-D ultrasound before Charlotte was born. We didn't do it for Christian, because it seemed expensive, but losing a baby changes your perspective, and we wish we had a video ultrasound of Christian to treasure. There were couches for family members to sit on (seven ladies, plus Matt and I) while they watched my ultrasound on a large screen, and we got a DVD of the ultrasound, a CD of the pictures, and printed pictures to take home and show the men (plus keep forever)! Charlotte kept her hands up by her face the entire time, but she gave us a general idea of how chubby her cheeks were, while amusing us with the world's largest yawns and by literally licking her arm (like a kitten) at one point when the video was rolling.

I think I see some of her Nowak relatives in her lips, but regardless of who she comes out looking like, we have a chubby, beautiful baby girl.

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