thirty-six weeks : maternity session

Weeks ago, Charlotte Pear thought she might show up early, but, with help from the hospital, she was convinced to stay where she was awhile longer. Now, we think she may have been convinced to stay in forever, which stinks, since we want nothing more than to hold her.

We'll be thirty-seven weeks on Friday, and we're more than ready for her to be born. Today the ultrasound showed she was seven pounds four ounces (which is bigger than I was when I was born full term), and they said I have polyhydramnios, which means I have an abnormal amount of amniotic fluid (something that hasn't been true until this week), so they said they won't let me go past thirty-nine weeks. Of course we're hoping she'll come on her own long before that (today is as good a day as any), but the most we have left is eighteen days. :)

We had a photo shoot to celebrate thirty-six weeks, and, as always, our friend Hannah Grace captured our time together beautifully. I love being able to have genuine laughs and snuggles photographed to look back on and say, "This is how much we loved each other and you even before you were born."

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