thirty-five weeks : nursery

Some people choose themes for rooms; Apples in the dining room, Pooh Bear in the bedroom etc., but I'm more of a "put all the things I like into one room and hope it turns out fine" kind of decorator. The dresser, crib, and giant bookshelf were handmade by my Pop-Pop (great grandfather) for his daughters, and have lived in many different homes before taking up residence in Norfolk. The rug and curtains are from IKEA, the changing table topper and activity gym are from Land of Nod, and most everything else is thrifted or gifted. Matt added a second, lower clothing rack in the closet, which Maura enjoys sliding hangers across and rearranging dress upon.

The room isn't completely finished. I haven't decided what to put on one of the shelves of the smaller bookshelf, we don't have our wet bag for our cloth diapers yet, and we don't have Charlotte's bedding, but if she was born she'd have a place to sleep, diapers to wear, and clothes to keep her (cute and) warm, so we're ready.

Our baby appears to be camera shy. Do you see that hand right in front of her face? That's how almost all of her pictures have been. Even if she doesn't come soon, they're doing ultrasounds every week now, so at least there's that to look forward to. Yesterday they said she was six pounds and seven ounces, and my contractions were three minutes apart, but not crazy painful. Tomorrow they'll do an internal exam, and we'll have more of an update on whether or not there's been any labor progress.

There will be a more complete nursery tour eventually, once Charlotte is living in there, and I have things in places that actually work for us instead of just how I imagine I'll want them. I've been imagining my whole life, and we're ready, Charlotte. Ready when you are.

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  1. Adorable... I see you added some recent pieces.:) Charlotte will have a very cute, comfy room.


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