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We're almost twenty-eight weeks pregnant with little miss, and even though I know she's been very real since the beginning, the actual reality that in a couple of months we're going to have a little human to care for has been sinking in lately. So, naturally, I've been reading all sorts of homeschooling books. Totally normal when you're seven months pregnant. I've started a blog post on my findings and plans, but it's gonna be a long one, and I haven't finished reading my books, so I can't possibly finish the post yet.

Life is busy. Matt and I are both in a wedding this weekend, next weekend some good friends are visiting from Tennessee, and last weekend we finished our Foster Care class. What?! Yep. We're Norfolk Foster Parents. Currently, we're still child specific (two brothers), so we're not an "open home" at this time. The next court date for the boys is on October 8th, and we hope to get some clear news following that. There was a bad storm in Norfolk recently, and they cancelled our second to last Foster Class. We were worried that this may delay our graduation, but instead (because so many of us couldn't attend the make-up date) they condensed the last two classes into one class, and we got to graduate on time! We knew there would be a reason for God delaying it if He had, but in the end He didn't, and it feels just right.

Pray for those boys. They are living with a foster mom currently, but we'd like them to find permanency soon (whether with us or their father or someone else).

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  1. Eager to hear how court goes. Gods plan is always perfect even when we think it's difficult!


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