boy or girl?

At the end of this week, we're twenty weeks! Halfway! This weekend (if baby cooperates) we'll know if tiniest Nowak is a boy or a girl!

  • I'm carrying similarly to last time, which is low.
  • I'm craving bread and fruit.
  • Baby's heartbeat was 148 at last appointment.
  • My hair hasn't been as amazingly shiny this pregnancy.
  • I'm comfortable sleeping on my left side.

I'm excited to tell you on Saturday, complete with baby Nowak's full name.  I know it's basically a 50-50 shot, but I still think it's fun to guess. That way if you're right, you've said it out loud, so your guess counts. Baby has been moving a bunch lately. This is the fifth day in a row that I've felt him/her moving around, which is high on my list of favorite feelings.

So, do you think this baby Nowak is a girl or a boy?

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