Our 4th anniversary just passed, we're pregnant with our first child for the second time, and on Sunday we got a text that might end up changing our lives.

My Grammie's husband, Paul, had a daughter who died tragically over the weekend. She left behind two young boys (1) and (3). I told Grammie that we would be praying for the boys. We would. Of course.

We'd be praying that a kind, Christian family would have enough room in their hearts and home to invite these boys to live and grow with them. We'd be praying that the boys would come to know God and His Son Jesus Christ. To know the truth.

She texted back, "They want you to adopt the boys. Actually, we'd all love that."

It's not that adoption wasn't an option. Before we ever got pregnant with Christian we had looked into adopting. At one point we thought there might be a set of twins for us to love, but everything always fell through.

This adoption may fall through. There is a father who, though he wasn't a part of their lives when they went into foster care before their mother died, wants to try to include them in his life. He has until October to prove that he's ready. There's a foster family who has loved them for a month and wants to keep them forever. We don't pretend to be the best option for these boys.

We have room. Three empty bedrooms, an empty backseat, and a swingset that doesn't get enough use. We have room in our lives for change. Enough love to include these boys in the rest of our time on earth. We have a Savior who wants to love these children through someone, and if it's us, we're ready.

Pray with us, that God will give these boys the thing that will draw them closest to Him. Pray that they'll come to know and love Him, no matter which state they grow up in. You don't have to grow up in a Christian home to hear God's Word and trust in Him. So, wherever it is that would be best for these boys, that's where we want them.

"They want you to adopt the boys." Who's they? Some relatives. Not my relatives. Relatives of these brothers, these babies. People Matt and I have never met. What made them decide that we were ready to be parents? Why would they trust us with these children? What do they know of us? Only this blog. Only these words that I type up and send out onto the internet with all of my hopes and dreams attached to them.

We're pursuing this. Doing all the paperwork and home studies and whatever else we should to be ready in case it ends up being our privilege to love these boys forever. Matt and I are praying that God will make it ever so clear where these boys should be. Pray with us, will you?

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