the great outdoors

Today we'll be pushing little seeds into dark soil, feeding them with water, and then praying to the God who created every radish, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, fig, apple, blueberry, pepper, and green bean that ever there was. We're starting the tomatoes from plants again this year, because that worked in our backyard last summer, and there's no reason to fix what hasn't broken. I had a coupon for a free bell pepper plant, so that's starting from a plant as well, but the cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, and green beans we'll grow from seeds.

Have you ever composted? We've been composting for over a year now: eggs, veggies, fruit, and grass, but boy was I in for a smelly surprise when Matt tilled some of it into our garden. It smells about like you would expect year old egg shells and apple cores should.

Recently we've been on a plant kick. I have five new succulents, two potted flowers, one container of sedum, and the largest planter I've ever owned, most of which were gifted to us. I think flower swapping should be more of a thing.

Four of our peonies are little bushes now, and my next outdoor update will have so much color you'll be blinded. Tell me what you're planting this spring. I love peeking into other people's gardens.

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