norfolk zoo

Yesterday, the weather was so lovely that Matt played hooky in the afternoon and went to the zoo with me and my friend, Shera. She had her two babies, plus a boy who she watches, and Matt and I brought the baby I watch, and we chased them around the zoo, while occasionally getting them interested enough to stop and look at the animals.

I like all the animals that remind me of cats, but it seemed like it was generally nap time around the zoo and most of the adorable animals like to nap far far away from the noisy humans.

There's a breastfeeding monkey in this post, and I think it's pretty amazing the way animals don't have to be taught how to take care of their babies. Our Creator is amazing.

Also featured in a picture is a babe who sticks treasures (mulch and maple helicopters mostly) down her pants when she doesn't have any pockets. Some battles are worth fighting, and some we let slide.

p.s. I took over 27,000 steps this day, which is my new daily record!

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