twenty weeks

On Wednesday we found out that our first baby is a boy. On Thursday we ordered our first dozen cloth diapers. On Friday we crashed three thrift stores and bought a couple articles of clothing for our little boy. On Saturday we organized his top drawers with all of his current clothes. Two shirts and two pairs of pants should get him through the first three months, right?

Kidding. But I'm not going to buy any more new* (*not second hand) clothes for him until after we have our baby shower. That's just a rule for myself so I don't wander through the infant department of Target once a week. Ok, I can wander if the object is to register once the season starts to change, but no buying. Seriously, though. I was very pleasantly surprised by the uber cheap ($0.50 or less) pieces we found at thrift that were in perfect condition and had the simple kind of patterns I'm digging for our little Mr.

Christian has been moving all over the place lately, and he doesn't like me to sleep on my tummy anymore, which is a bummer and makes for nights without enough sleeping. But it's a  boy, and our first baby has a name, and those two truths make the inconvenience of sleepy eyes a whole lot brighter.

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