twenty-two weeks

Christian. You're my favorite little boy in the world. That includes Tater, Christian, and I'm a huge Tater fan.

Christian has been all about moving around. He likes root beer, ice cream, and sitting in church. When I say likes, I mean wiggles around so much that I have to cradle my belly and smile. He's spunky.

We've registered three places for him, and I update them occasionally if something new comes to mind.

Aside from things you register for, I've been thinking about what we want to do in Christian's nursery.   People keep asking about colors or themes, and I'm not a very "themed" decorator, so I'm trying to nail down my staples, so I have something to tell people.

We already have some things:

Clock: Target
Curtains: IKEA
Crib: Handmade by my great-grandfather
Print: Urban Outfitters

How obnoxious. I was going to link up some of these things that weren't found second hand (the sheep and black cat on the wall, plus all the stuff on the shelf and the hot air balloons were second hand), but I can't find any of them online even though I know which stores I purchased the items from. Silly websites, you'd get more traffic if you listed more of your stuff for sale online. 

But all of that aside, I'm trying to make a decision with what I'm going to do with the walls.

In case you have trouble deciphering themes, I appear to like white walls (check) with a tiny (generally black) print. My two favorites are the teeny polka dots behind the crib or the trees. The trees have a more masculine vibe to me, which is appropriate since it's a boy, but I think I would do smaller trees. The polka dots appeal to me because (aside from being beautiful) they're also more gender neutral so the nursery walls wouldn't have to change if the next baby were a girl. 

I want to decide soon, because once the kitchen and the bathroom are finished being tiled, it's time to work on just for fun projects like painting a thousand tiny trees on a white wall. What do you think?


  1. Trees can be for both (in my humble opinion!).

    1. I'm leaning toward trees, myself. :)

  2. What about Birch Trees like the set from Once Upon a Time?... I think it's very masculine and pretty but mostly imaginative. I think the Birch Trees are in Regina's office or her house I'm not sure which.

    1. I've only seen one or two episodes of that. I'll need to google. :)


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