raze, meow, and tile

 If you don't have a t.v., and you wish the baby you watch could be entertained for the entire morning by a single event that you don't have to duplicate, you could have someone knock down the house next door.

It's more than half-way gone by now, to make way for a new, inevitably two-story, probably green, house. It's a thing they've been doing in our neighborhood. Knocking down little houses and building two-story green ones with tiny bushes in their place. Whatever. It'll raise the property value for the street and maybe even bring a young couple next door with tiny babies for my tiny baby to be friends with.

The other day I mentioned how Tater goes out in the middle of the night and comes in every morning, but this morning (with all the commotion next door) he didn't come. So, in order to help him feel safe, I walked a couple yards over, called till he came to me, and cradled him with the intent of bringing him inside my safe and quiet house. I was bleeding down both of my arms and my face before I gave up, but give up I did. He's such a scared-y cat. At least I know he's not curious enough to get within two yards (not six feet, but two houses) of all the noise, and, in that way, is safe from the danger I first worried about when he didn't come in this morning. Poor fluffy, scared baby.

We've been tiling (I've even helped!) the bathroom and the kitchen, and we're only a couple hours of work away from being finished with both. The deadline is feeling real, folks. Not only are we having a baby (!!!) in April, but Matthew is (Lord willing) going to school this semester (we're in the process of scheduling classes and such), so time is tick-tock running out quickly. It's been the push we need though. We're getting stuff done. Hopefully a finished tile wall update this week!

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