In conversations I've had recently with my husband about parenting (We've been reading some parenting books we got for Christmas. Ok, I've been reading and summarizing for Matt.), there is one thing that his father taught him for which I am most thankful. Matt said it like this, "He was never afraid to try something he hadn't tried before. It taught me to work my way through something new until I could do it too."

Sure, this hardwood bamboo snaps together and floats, so compared to some other hardwoods, it isn't as hard to put down, but it was Matt's first time with flooring at all, and our kitchen is not a box. There are several weird diagonal cuts. He got it down like a pro. I helped him staple the padding and kept his supply of boards (from the other room) up to par (in the midst of other household chores), but as far as floor laying, all Matt, and I'm a blessed wife.

We're finished tiling in the bathroom and are working on drywall now. We're finished with the floor in the kitchen, but still have baseboards and trim to complete. Matt starts college up again in two weeks. Christian is coming in one hundred and sevenish days. :) What're your tips for preparing a home for a new baby? Safety tips, absolutely, but others as well?

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