Yesterday, while at work, my husband Matt sent me the top picture. He said, "He's a cutie. What do you think Tater would do with another cat around?"

So, very, out of character. We talked about it for a couple of text messages, decided Tater would get used to it, but not love it at first, but let it go. Because I'm the one who always wants to adopt every cat we see (in parking lots, pet stores, across the street etc.), and Matt is the one who's always telling me an elaborate story about how someone loves that cat, and it has a warm home and bowl full of food in the nearest neighborhood, I was surprised when Matt brought up the cat again upon returning home. He had more pictures to show me. He called the cat "the friendliest cat he'd ever seen."

My husband Matt washes windows. He was washing windows while this stray cat was loving him to death. The elderly lady he was working for explained that she feeds the cat outside twice a day, but hasn't been able to find a home for him, even though she's been searching. She was worried about how cold it has been at night lately, but her cat doesn't get along with him, so she doesn't let him inside. Matt was smitten. He came home with the lady's phone number and asked me to call her to talk about the cat.

We have a new cat. His name is Mr. Perkins, Perkins for informal salutations. He was named after the lady who cared for him: Mrs. Perkins. Her husband was the first news anchor for News Channel 3, owns (owned) original stock in The Weather Channel, and died a couple of years ago after fifty-five years of happy marriage and fifteen years of living with someone else's heart beating in his chest.

Max (dog) likes Perkins as much as he likes every cat. He's timid when Perkins hisses at him (goes and lays down on the other side of the room), but is still friendly and interested. Tater (cat) is avoiding Perkins, and Perkins is avoiding Tater. They're not fighting, but they are happy enough to live in the same house and not see each other. And I expected nothing more, after all, it's only been a day.

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