extra kids

This week, aside from the normal little Maura and occasional sister Bekah, we have two extra kids we're responsible for keeping safe. Their parents are on a cruise this week, and the six kids were split between church families. It's nice to have bodies warming the extra beds upstairs, playing with the legos (apparently some blonde chicks have full, black mustaches), and wearing the uno cards thin. They've learned how to play pool this week and want to play even when they can't feel their hands anymore (unheated garage). Natalie's a big help, especially with food prep, but also with keeping Josh in line. I'm thankful for these kids.

Maura has been going to story time at the library once a week, and she's super cute. Making friends, popping bubbles, and always ready to dance or clap. I'm going to be sad when she stops being a "baby", and it's coming too soon!

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