black cats and pumpkins

We spent Halloween night out on a date, T.G.I.F for dinner (because we had a gift card, but I wouldn't recommend it, ever) and then a surprisingly clean movie about color, emotion, and murder (The Giver) after. 

We met up with friends for coffee as our only concrete plans on Saturday, which means I cooked/baked (lasagna, muffins, and potato salad) most of the day, while Matt worked in the bathroom. I've been hanging out with a lady who's new to the area, and it's been fun to look at our city with fresh eyes. So far nothing too crazy, but we've hit museums, restaurants, and the zoo. It's fun to have an excuse to go out with friends.

It seems almost impossible that it's the beginning of November, and I'm going in for my SEVENTEEN week appointment this Thursday. Seventeen is almost twenty, which is almost forty. I jumped a little there, but you get the idea. Less than four weeks til we know the gender of our littlest love. Gah!

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