fifteen weeks

Pregnancy has been doing amazing things to my skin. Also, makeup, but normally makeup doesn't make my face look like it belongs to an elf of the Woodland Realm. Carrying this baby has gotten easier (even though it was never hard). I barely have any of that "feel like napping after washing a sink full of dishes" exhaustion any more. I need to get someone (unprofessionally) to take a couple "look, baby belly" pictures for this stage. Cause I have a baby belly. Later in pregnancy I wanna get some full on maternity shots, but we aren't there yet. Only five weeks before we find out the gender though!! That'll change all of my life priorities!

Our church had a craft fair this past weekend with 70+ vendors. I talked to a vendor who just crafts on the side, and she reported making $800 profit. I think we might need to get in on that. Part of the craft fair was a silent auction, and the largest "item" was a week in a Corolla beach house. We were able to win the beach house for $850 for the week. With twelve adults (and one baby at that point) renting the house, it's $70 for the whole week per person! AND my favorite part about winning this beach house is it's the same beach house that my family goes to every winter for a week, so I already know that I love it. We go every winter with my family, but winter 2015 we'll be going with Matt's family. That'll be baby Nowak's first trip to the beach house! I'm planning our un-born child's life. :)

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