Yesterday we were harvesting in our garden and of the fifty tomatoes that were ready to be picked, only eleven of them didn't have caterpillar holes or caterpillars actively enjoying them. It made me think about the goodness of God in our lives. We planted those tomato plants, watered them faithfully (at the beginning), and waited for them to produce fruit. But, even though we did everything right there was never a guarantee of fruit. And any fruit that was produced could have been tiny, sparse, or eaten by bugs. Often we take God's goodness for granted. We planted four tomato plants, and we have gotten hundreds (and hundreds) of beautiful, tasty tomatoes from it. I'm thanking the Lord.

We harvested our first watermelon yesterday. So excited to slice into that baby. There are others still growing too. That's something at least the caterpillars can't get.

Matt's been busy framing out the kitchen. We're almost to the sand, caulk, and paint phase of the trim. So exciting! Also, the house is slowing coming together now that no one is living with us and the rooms are almost finished. Once we're done with the kitchen, they'll be a shift as everything that is supposed to be in a kitchen goes there and everything that should be in a garage leaves the kitchen. That's a shift I'm looking forward to.

Next week I'll show you our new rug, which is laying pretty in the guest room across the hall. We also rearranged some furniture in the bedrooms upstairs. Nothing's quite finished yet though, so you'll just have to wait. But I promise not to make you wait long.

We had a Nowak-full weekend with some family in from out of town, good food, and lots of old stories. I'm super thankful for the family I married into. Glad to be a Nowak.

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