So you know the game before you start reading, on Friday my baby sister and I went to Ikea early and traveled back after lunch. It was Labor Day weekend, so we got to sit in traffic with one million of our closest friends who also wanted to go to my home for the weekend. So, ya know, hours. Not moving. Right by the tunnel that's only a couple of miles before my house. So, we made the best of it (between the spurts of crying. kidding). 

I would take a picture and then my sister Bekah would try to take the same picture. They're hilarious. Near the end, we switched places before making it to the tunnel.

After these classics, I let Bekah have a turn taking the first picture, and I would try to mimic.

Clearly neither of us are very good at it. After all that laughing, we finally made it through the tunnel and home. It took us three hours one way and six hours the other way. Ick. :) Oh well, I least we got some super photogenic pictures out of it.

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